Products - Whole House Integrated System

The IES integrated system is designed for low cost and easy installation in the home. The system presents an “Out of the Box” solution that includes whole house distributed audio, video surveillance as well as optional security and lighting all controlled by IES developed Touch Screens. The system would require little or no programming by the installer, as all screens would come already pre-configured in the Touch Screens.

IES has partnered with a overseas manufacturer of distributed audio products. We have integrated our Touch Screen products to control their Distributed Audio Systems including their 6 zone 4 source as well as their 4 zone 4 source products. In addition we have also seemlessly integrated our video server products to create an "Out of the Box" cost effective Whole house Integrated System. Options will include Security, Lighting as well as Ipod control.

6 zone 4 source distributed audio system

The system includes the following:

  • IES Touch Screens (Passive and TFT)
  • Distributed Audio System (6 Zone, 4 Source)
  • IES Video Server
  • IES HUB with Door Intercom
  • Optional iPod interface
  • Optional Lighting control (TBD)
  • Optional Security System (TBD)