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Insteon Enabled Lighting Control System
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Overall, IES has done an excellent job building a highly usable INSTEON touch screen controller. Its configuration software is well engineered and the touch screens performance is truly impressive. If you are looking for an elegant way to control your INSTEON devices, you owe it to yourself to audition this unit.
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Excellent touchscreen to control your Insteon devices! Very responsive to the touch, display is excellent from even extreme viewing angles." - MikeB - Milford, MA

"100 percent reliable, Easy to program, The system has the ability to save several programs similar to microsoft word. Easy to print out programs with all information included. No need to be hooked up to the computer and no worry's about power failures. Desktop unit can be plugged in any room. If you choose you can plug in several desktop or wall units throughout the house. New option added the ability to drag data and arrange data in any room in any order allowing easy editing of any existing programs." - Jeffrey Handler - Queens, New York

"I began using the Touchscreen as a Beta tester several months ago and from day one the device has worked great. During testing I encountered no major issues and therefore eventually deployed the Touchscreen as the main control device within my home INSTEON network. The Touchscreen is robust and very dependable. In fact. I'v become very dependant upon the Touchscreen, mainly because it's consistent control of devices and its overall ease of use. Never thought I'd say this, but even my Wife finds it easy to operate and also gives it a thumbs up!" - Mike K - Largo, Florida

"This is a great addition to the Insteon Family. I can now offer my customers an affordable touchscreen device for dedicated lighting control. With both individual and scenes controls, this is an ideal substitution for a KeypadLinc for both high-end and complex installations. Rough-in is simple - a 2 gang low-voltage box and a CAT5 and you are ready! Operation is simple, non-intimidating, and anyone will be comfortable using this device." - Mitch T - Roanoke, VA

Insteon Enabled Lighting Control System
Product Description

The Interactive Electronic Systems Insteon Enabled Lighting Control System is designed to allow the user to fully control the Insteon system via the EasyTouch-S Touch Panel. The Touch Panel allows for manual control of each individual switch as well as full scene control and multiple scheduled events using our user friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI). The unit is self contained and battery backed up in case of power failure, thereby eliminating the need to have a computer running in the background. The IES system is comprised of three sections including the EasyTouch-S Touch Screen, the Insteon 2413S PLM and the IES PC based Insteon Configuration SW package.

The Touch Screen is available in wall mount (EasyTouch-S) or in a table top enclosure (EasyTouch-S-TT) as Shown above

Interactive Electronic Systems EasyTouch-S Touch Screen

The EasyTouch-S is a cost effective full featured color 3.6 inch 1/4 VGA Touch Panel unit. The device features an active matrix wide viewing angle LCD display with exceptional brightness and high contrast. The Touch Screen is available in two versions one mounting in a standard 2 gang electrical box and another in a table top enclosure.

An IR remote option is available allowing control of scenes via a handheld IR remote control

Insteon 2413S PLM

The specifications are as follows:

The 2413S PLM is supplied by Insteon and allows the IES touch panel to communicate to the powerline. The IES serial adapter supplies power to the IES Touch panel thus requiring only one standard CAT 5 cable to connect the Touch Screen to the PLM via the serial adapter.

Interactive Electronic Systems Configuration SW package

The IES Insteon Configuration SW package is a PC based package that allows the user or installer to easily configure the Touch panel. The SW package is comprised of five sections including Modules, Scenes, Schedules, Location and Reports.


The Modules section allows the user to easily assign names and Insteon addresses to each individual Switch as well as define whether the switch is a dimmer or relay type.


The Scenes section allows the user or installer to create and assign scene names by merely dragging and dropping selected switches from the list of defined switches. Scenes can be defined with selected switches as well as desired dimming levels.


Names The Schedules section allows the user or installer to create and assign names to multiple schedules by merely dragging and dropping either selected switches or whole scenes. The Scheduling SW has several powerful features including dawn and dusk settings as well as daily, weekdays, weekends and settings for specific dates. Multiple schedules can be downloaded and enabled individually via the Touch Screen.


Location allows the user or installer to define the location via a list of cities or latitude and longitude. This information is used to calculate dawn and dusk settings for the city as specified by the user or installer.


The report function allows the user or installer to get a printed report of the Modules, Scenes and Schedules.

SKINS Graphical Customization SW Package.

The SKINS Graphical Customization SW Package enables the installer to customize the "look and feel "of the Screen graphics including icons, text size and fonts. The SW requires no knowledge of programming languages and is user friendly and simple to use.

EasyTouch-S Touch Screen Specifications

The specifications are as follows:

  • Touch Panel LCD Display
    • Active matrix
    • 3.6 inch diagonal
    • 320 by 240 resolution
    • Wide viewing angle
    • LED backlight (SW controlled)
  • Processor
    • 400MHZ/ 800MMACs High Performance Processor
  • Memory
    • 16 Mbyte RAM, up to 8 Mbyte Flash
  • Graphic Engine
    • 24 Bit RGB , 16,384,000 colors